This site is being written by hajduc, aka me. :)

So, I am hajduc. My pronouns are he/him. I am quite privileged.

Content Warning: privileges I am a cis white male.
I am from Hungary, but I spend so much time online that I probably speak English more than Hungarian. Those are the 2 languages I speak. I did learn German in high school, but.. well, let’s say I don’t remember anything, because that’s pretty much true.
Content Warning: mental health I am depressed to a certain level, and there's also some levels of anxiety inside me. My sleep schedule also happens to suck, to be precise, it's non-existant.
I’ve partially started this blog to take part in the 100daystooffload challenge, but knowing myself, I’m not sure how far I’ll go! I usually write about a subject when I am really inspired, or rather when something not personal makes me upset. If it’s personal, I mostly keep it to myself and perhaps some friends. Let’s hope I get inspired every 3,65 days for the next year! (or rather 3,45, as it is already the 20th of January). As you can see, we use decimal comma in Hungary. :p

General Interests

Since this is a blog about my various interests, it’s probably a good idea to list some topics that interest me. One thing I am quite enthousiastic about is motorsports! The categories I watch are mainly F1 and IndyCar, however, sometimes I give other series a peak as well (like F2, V8 Supercars). As for movies, the categories I mostly watch are comedies (including cartoons), and generally blockbuster movies. I only watch more serious content when I’m in the mood, but I’m usually not in the mood 😬. I am also kind of into video editing (for the end result, of course!).


When it comes to music, the genre I mostly listen to is rock (and occasionally metal), but recently I’ve also started liking Eurobeat (thanks to a friend who keeps suggesting tracks to me). My favourite artists include Bruce Springsteen, Green Day, Pink Floyd, Queen and AWS (a Hungarian band). I also listen to songs from movies/shows I like (for example, Phineas and Ferb or Coco). I’ll post a few of my favourite songs below the article.
I do play the guitar, however, I rarely make music (in fact, my whole productivity is quite low, especially recently). If I do make music, I’ll probably write about it in the blog. Recently, I’ve tried making parodies, like this one.


I’m also interested in tech. I currently use Linux (to be precise, Kubuntu 20.04) on my PC. The one programming language I know is Python, but I feel that most things I’d like to achieve will be possible in Python. A recent project of mine includes a Points Calculator for sessionlog files in RVGL (Re-Volt Open GL Port, the openGL port of a 1999 RC Racing game). I have a OnePlus phone, and I run OxygenOS, but I want to get Google-free at some point.


Speaking of RVGL, that’s the one game I play most of the time. I’d love to play at the very least sim racers, but most of them won’t run on my current PC. I hope I can upgrade soon!

This is more-or-less what you need to know about me, if I remember something later, I’ll update this section. Check out a list of my favourite movies, music and apps below!

Favourite Songs

Note: I suck at genres lol

Artist Song Genre Reason I like it Language
Green Day Jesus of Suburbia Rock Tune is great for hyping up, good lyrics English
Bruce Springsteen House of a Thousand Guitars Rock The tune is beautiful, gives me chills English
AWS Mi Vagyunk Metal? Great, inspiring lyrics, decent tune Hungarian
AWS Válaszút Metal? Awesome lyrics about destination and whatnot Hungarian
Starlet You’re Gonna Be Eurobeat Epic tune English
P&F Cast* Summer Belongs To You Pop? Great lyrics English
Queen Innuendo Rock Epic tune, epic lyrics, epic song English
Richie Sambora Seven Years Gone Rock Inspiring lyrics, beautiful tune English
Michael Giacchino Bundle of Joy Soundtrack Beautiful tune.. I don’t listen to it often, but it’s emotional for me because of the movie Instrumental
AWS Hajnali Járat Metal? Banger tune, nice lyrics Hungarian
Lupin Black U.F.O. Eurobeat Banger tune, really English
Tom and Jerry Complete Cartoons Collection Cartoons Wait this is not music, I really should organize my downloads better smh English

*P&F Cast: Phineas & Ferb Cast

Favourite Movies

  • Knives Out (2019)
  • Into the Spider-Verse (2018)
  • Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (2010)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2018)

Favourite Apps

Note: All of these are open source. The Android-exclusive apps link to F-Droid.

App Platform Explanation
LosslessCut PC An app using ffmpeg that makes it really easy to cut out clips from videos (and it’s also fast, cause it doesn’t compress)
Olive PC A nice video editor that’s still in alpha.
Krita PC I’m not an artist, but Krita has a great UI for light image editing work.
Strawberry PC An awesome music player written in Qt.
SimpleScreenRecorder Linux A lightweight video recorder for Linux.
scanmem + GameConqueror Linux Basically Cheat Engine for Linux, can be used for fun!
Blender PC 3D modelling app, I use it for creating game mods/tracks.
KDE Connect PC + Android An app that lets your PC and phone communicate, and it’s quite packed with features!
Audio Recorder Linux A really simple, but functional audio recorder.
mpv PC A lightweight media player.
Tusky Android A feature-packed Mastodon client.
Infinity Android A good-looking Reddit client.
NewPipe Android A great YouTube frontend with lots of features.
Aegis Android A simple token manager for 2FA services.
Termux Android A great terminal emulator.

Other kinds of favourites

Content Warning: food
Type Favourite
Food Pizza
Food Spaghetti Carbonara
Food Pad Thai (at least a specific restaurant-based one)
Food Baked Penne with Cheese and Meat on top*
Drink Chocolate Milk
Drink Sprite
Series Phineas and Ferb
Series The Boys

* Not sure how this would be called in English, but it’s really good.