Well, here’s my first blog post on this site. Of course, not the first post on *.hajduc.com, but the rest are more about game-related projects.

This specific subdomain was created to offer a more personal blog about my experiences, things that upset me, perhaps guides and other stuff. Might also vent here a few times. The 100DaysToOffloadChallenge definitely inspired me, but I can’t say I will complete it. The main goal for me is to have a blog.

It was created using hugo, which I found really nice. It was fairly easy to setup based on the documentation. I am using the Fuji theme, which is also well-documented.

I think this is enough for my first post, since I am using this for the first time. I already spent a lot of time doing the About section, so I encourage you to read that!

hajduc is out, peace